Muay Thai is a complex sport, and various trainers and gyms have their own tricks and techniques. Fortunately, we live in an age now where a lot of good Thai Boxing gyms, trainers, fighters, Kru’s and masters post lots of great stuff online. So, I’ve decided to hunt around the web and create a big resources page to help novice Nak Muay’s and experts alike.

This page is going to be continually updated. So, keep checking it for new updates and links.

If you think I’ve missed anything. Or if you know of a good link you want adding to the list just let me know. Either mention it in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. And if you’re a beginner (or just curious about starting Thai Boxing) make sure you check out my mega Muay Thai training guide as well. Enjoy

PS: I would like to thank the people who’ve made these videos, articles and guides.   


Punching Guide – Beginners to Advanced
Double Jab to Rear Uppercut Combination
“Sifu” McInnes Teaching the Hook – Adding Body Weight and Momentum – It’s a Karate video i know, but the explantion about technique is excellent


Kicks, Beginners to Advanced
Damein Trainor – Kicks with punches and faints
6 Muay Thai Low Kick Setup Techniques
Low Kick Combos by Sean Fagan

Teep (Push Kicks)

Good video about teeps. Featuring Thai Boxing legend Samart Payakaroon.
Working On Your Teep by
Increase the range of your muay thai teep


Sylvie von Duuglas with knee legend Dieselnoi
How to land Knees against a puncher
How to Develop Devastating Knees Tutorial

Elbows Saenchai: Cross-Arm Trapping Into Elbow Beginners to Advanced elbow strikes – 5 Devastating Muay Thai Elbow Combos – 4 DEADLY Muay Thai Elbow KO Techniques

Clinch – Clinch tutorial by one of the best Muay Thai clinches in the world


Muay Thai Footwork and stance
Basic Muay Thai Footwork | Cutting Angles And Evasion Techniques



How To Freestyle Pad Work: Techniques & Trigger Moves
Muay Thai Advanced Pad Work and Chaining Tutorial
Muay Thai Advanced Flow Pad Work Tutorial

Defence & Counters – Muay Thai Elbow Counter to the Teep
Muay Thai Counters: Hook, Teep and Switch Kick
How To Catch and Counter The Teep
Muay Thai Countering the Lead and Rear Teep Tutorial

Strength & Condtioning


Lawrence Kenshin ft Iron Mike Zambidis. How to fight taller opponents. Superb critique video by Mr Kenshin
Intro to Muay Thai Part 2
Intro to Muay Thai Part 3

Thai Boxing Documentaries

Born to fight – Classic Muay Thai documentary from the 90s
John Wayne Parr – Blessed with Venom

Photo credit: Dietmar Temps via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA


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